What They’re Saying

“Hi Travel Educators

This is an excellent article.   As a 3rd or 4th generation overseas Chinese, my family lost the language when grandfather migrated to Burma at age 13, and now only know our clan name and not even the village he came from.

In a more recent forced migration, we are also losing our Burmese to the English language.  But some things remain, especially food.

Thank you also for posting the VOA video about my art show on this site.”

Kyi May Kaung

“Thank you…for the incredibly enriching conversations we had…getting to know your thoughts and plans was a really needed motivation for us.”

Jesus Mesa del Castilli Bermejo, Director of Communications, Alternative Tourism Communities of Kanche and Puerta Verde, Mexico

“Your philosophy has touched me at my very core. I feel as if I have met long-lost family.”

Rebecca McCormack, Hot Springs Sentinel-Record

Your site reminds me of a great quote: “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca. Keep up the good work!

Georgia Turner, Principal, The Georgia Turner (p.r.) Group

You guys are doing good things.”

Shannon Hurst Lane, The Traveling Mamas

4 responses to “What They’re Saying

  1. You are weaving a story of truth about what can be gained through travel. Keep it up!

  2. traveled

    Thanks Joyce.

    BCB (on behalf of The Travel Educators)

  3. Travelosophy has become reliable source of travel information for all…as a journalist I rely on this site to refresh my memories on facts about the outside world
    …Jefferson Sackey – Broadcast Journalist (Ghana)

  4. traveled

    Thank you Jefferson.


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