Our Ethos, Methods, and Diverse Media Outlets

How we create a Return on Investment for you

The principal  publications we write for are listed on the About Us page; we publish in every medium: print, non-print/electronic, radio, television, blogs other than this one. We also publish in many forms of media that are not traditionally known as “travel media” but which get the message out in alternative ways and means.

We also collaborate on sending stories on spec to media outlets throughout North America and internationally; and to this effect we have access to a database of travel editors at all the major newspapers, magazines, and various other media outlets throughout North America

We also have many international connections and contacts, through which we can create in-depth awareness of destinations we cover.

Our areas of specialty

In terms of what we actually produce, we each have our areas of specialty but, even more importantly, we have a common philosophical and stylistic approach to travel journalism that allows us to work as a team in creating a maximum media impact for the destination. We may each do similar stories (for example on the archeological or arts travel resources in or near a destination) and therefore we can plan a multi-media and multi-outlet approach to covering the destination.

In brief, we believe that most travel destinations have many content-rich and in-depth stories to be told; stories that the average traveller may not be aware of.

Going beyond the obvious

We also believe that traditional “leisure” or “holiday” destinations have many undiscovered travel treasures. This is especially important in the new world of travel in which consumers increasingly are demanding more meaningful and engaging travel experiences.

The fundamental ethos therefore of the Travel Educators is that there is always more than meets the eye in a destination and travel is also a participatory, engaging activity.

It is our job as travel journalists, like the destinations we work with, to educate the travelling public to all the travel opportunities in the destination.

2 responses to “Our Ethos, Methods, and Diverse Media Outlets

  1. Your philosophy has touched me at my very core. I feel as if I have met long-lost family. Wow.

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