The Travel Educators Expand Their Services

Mentors and Consultants to the Travel Industry
The multimedia and multidimensional stories of The Travel Educators are recognized for their ability to engage travellers in lifelong learning as well as engaging and enriched travel experiences

Integrating and emphasizing these core concepts, and given our extensive experience as journalists, The Travel Educators now also provide invaluable corollary services to destination marketing personnel, cultural institutions, and many other professionals in the travel and tourism industry

Using our highly developed narrative skills, we help you hone your craft.

As highly skilled writers and public educators (through the universal medium of travel), and as recognized experts in the fine art of storytelling, we internalize the travel experience for our audiences.

We can help you do the same.

Every destination or cultural organization has many stories to tell on many levels and to many consumers.

The age-old art of storytelling still emphasizes the essential ingredients of imaginative identification, a keen awareness of social history, the perennial elements of human drama, and the universal lessons inherent in exceptional and meaningful travel.

Like our travel stories, your media products and destination marketing campaigns can resonate more fully with travellers, especially when they also integrate humanistic narrative techniques. Such literate products have an inherent wisdom that instills in the consumer a spontaneous appreciation for the subject matter.

There is no shortage of revelant travel stories to be told in the diversified and increasingly niche-oriented travel marketplace of the 21st-century. The challenge is to tell the stories well, and to communicate the enduring and enlightened themes, issues, and human experiences at the heart of any destination.

It’s all about imagination: the critical element in all storytelling. And using our consummate narrative skills, we help travel and tourism professionals capture the imagination  and the hearts and minds  of the travelling public.

Quality and Substance
As journalists who emphasize quality and substance, in both our writing and our extensive collective travel experience, we work with you the destination, the cultural organization, the public relations specialist so that you can communicate your stories more effectively.

Integrating our highly-developed narrative techniques, critical thinking skills, and conceptual thinking with your professional expertise, we build together a more dynamic narrative approach to destination marketing.

This analytical, resource- and knowledge-based process, will help you reach a broader, more engaged, and more enlightened audience.

Like the stories of The Travel Educators, the creative, literate, and purposeful approach to travel marketing is synchronistic with the engaged and media-wise 21st-century traveller.

The Travel Educators therefore are also pleased to offer the following services:
  • Analysis of the narrative potential and story definition of a travel destinations;
  • Location scouting for magazines, newspapers, webcasting, and television production teams looking for narrative-rich stories;
  • Literary and editorial assistance for tour planners and travel suppliers that cater to markets such as alumni associations, educational institutions, trade and professional associations, and conferences and business meetings;
  • Editorial services for tourism promotional materials, with an emphasis on the narrative qualities of both images and text;
  • Facilitating access through our collective and interconnected networks of the best stories and creative personnel in the industry;
  • Advising on the effective use of social networking as a marketing tool.
  • Photography services. We can provide professional photographers (ourselves or contract out) to do photo shoots for stories, posters, books, brochures etc.
  • Podcast and radio interview services. We can also design and conduct podcast interviews to enhance your multimedia outreach.
As freelance, independent travel journalists, we have a collective wealth of experience and knowledge that is invaluable to anyone wanting to optimize their presence in the travel and tourism industry.

For full information on The Travel Educators, please visit:

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